Coming Soon: Sheep Among Wolves

In partnership with FAI Studios, Dalton Thomas and I are very excited to announce the forthcoming film:

Sheep Among Wolves


Coming Late 2015

We are presently raising funds to cover the costs of post-production and distribution. All proceeds from the film will go to help the underground church.

To learn more, to see some beautiful images from the film, and how you can help get, click here.


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Introducing The Underground

In partnership with Jim and Lori Bakker and Morningside Church, I am blessed to announce the launch of a new TV program The Underground with Joel Richardson. This is a weekly half-hour program that can be watched via live streaming or on-demand on the (just relaunched) Praise the Lord Television Network on Roku. If youContinue Reading

Prophecy Summit Northwest: Mark Biltz, Jonathan Cahn, and Joel Richardson

Hope to see you there! Click here for more information.

The Gospel of Christ Crucified

In every author or preacher’s life, there are those, often unnamed influences, who greatly help to form their own message and writings. In my case, someone who has impacted not only my message, but my life, in a truly profound way is John Harrigan. Most of those who visit this site have probably never heardContinue Reading

Completing the Great Commission