The Underground Episode 18: Alan Kurschner on the Millennium and the Rapture

Special Edition of Better Friends Than Mountains Released

For those who were inspired and blessed by the film Better Friends Than Mountains, it has just been re-released on Vimeo on Demand. Chock full of bonus and special features, when you purchase this film, you support the ministry of Jesus among the Kurdish people. Click here to own the on demand special edition andContinue Reading

The Underground Episode 17: Interview With Alan Kurschner

The Underground Episode 16: Russian Troops in Syria and Daniel 8

The Underground Episode 15: Discussing Nationalism and the Kingdom of God with Samuel Whitefield

Note: Episodes 14 and 15 is a break from our three part series on the prophetic significance of Russian troops in Syria. We will return to the third episode in the series next week.

Sheep Among Wolves: Trailer and Pre-Order

The Underground Episode 14: Samuel Whitefield & The One King Intensive in Jerusalem

The Underground Episode 13: The Gog Magog War: Led by Turkey or Russia?